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Anastrozole is a drug of the group of aromatase inhibitors used in bodybuilding as a means of preventing the aromatous effect (converting testosterone to estrogens) when taking anabolic steroids.


Anastrozole was approved for use in 1995. The drug was created to treat breast cancer in women. Before that, tamoxifen was widely used for the same purposes. Of course, for the transition to a new generation of medications, there were compelling reasons. To do this, a large-scale study of the effects on the body of tamoxifen and anastrozole in combination and solo application.

The study covered more than nine thousand women during the menopause, who underwent surgery in the treatment of breast cancer. As a result, an essential superiority of anastrozole over tamoxifen was found. With the use of a new generation medication, regression of the disease was observed in a large number of cases, and survival rates also increased significantly. After the publication of the results of this study, the use of anastrozole became very wide.

Effects of Anastrozole

  • Decreased estrogen levels
  • Increased levels of anabolic hormones
  • Prevention of gynecomastia
  • Improving the quality of muscles (by reducing the effect of female hormones)
  • Prevention of hypertension
  • Decreased estrogenic hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis suppression

Dosages and administration of Anastrozole

  • For prophylaxis (in bodybuilding): 0,5 mg every other day.
  • For the treatment of gynecomastia: 1 mg every day until the symptoms disappear (further, 0.5 mg every other day).

Anastrozole very effectively suppresses aromatization. The most interesting thing is that the drug is needed not only for men, but for some women.

Indications for use

There are a lot of indications, this substance can still be called a universal helper for all athletes who aspire to show good results as soon as possible and achieve sporting success in bodybuilding.

Anastrozole is used in such cases:

  • Prevention of gynecomastia in men;
  • Prevention of hypertension;
  • Treatment of gynecomastia;
  • Increase the amount of hormones in the blood.


Currently, anastrozole in bodybuilding is used very widely. Prior to its creation, athletes in the fight against high estrogen used proviron and nolvadex. These drugs were very effective in complex combination. Anastrozole proved to be a stronger drug and its solo use is superior to the combined effects on the body of the two drugs mentioned above.

It is high efficiency and has become the main reason for the frequent use of anastrozole by athletes. Even half the tablet can produce the desired result. If during the AAS cycle, drugs that are susceptible to aromatization are used, the use of anastrozole almost completely eliminates the risk of gynecomastia and significantly reduces the amount of fluid retained in the body.

With the combination of anastrozole and finasteride, the possibility of side effects when using combinations of flavoring steroids is eliminated. This also allows you to give muscles a relief, thanks to the removal of excess fluid from the body.

When using any drug for a long period of time, there may be some problems. This is also characteristic of aromatase inhibitors. Anastrozole perfectly eliminates estrogenic side effects, but at the same time blocks the useful properties of female hormones, for example, helps to lower the level of good cholesterol.

Applying for courses

To Anastrozole gave the desired results in bodybuilding, after 10 days from the start of the course of taking anabolic drugs, it is necessary to make an analysis for estradiol, after which an average dose of Anastrozole 0.5 mg per day is prescribed.

If an anabolic course contains enanthate or sustanin, then the timing of the tests should be slightly changed, they are given in 3-4 weeks from the time of the start of taking steroids.

If you regularly monitor you is somewhat problematic, you need to determine the average dose for yourself, then focus on your own feelings. You immediately feel, if the body will be observed a failure. After this, changes can occur in the mood, arise in a general apathy to everything, in the deterioration of a prolonged erection and a decrease in sexual attraction to any partner.

What side effects can anastrozole receive?

Side effects from the drug are relatively rare. As a rule, they are associated with intolerance to active ingredients or exceeding the recommended dosage. Among the most frequent side effects, you can identify rapid fatigue, drowsiness, redness of the skin, headache, and various negative manifestations of the gastrointestinal tract (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.).


The drug is very popular among athletes, which is associated with its pronounced anti-estrogenic effect. Indeed, the result from the application can be noticed after only a couple of hours after taking the pill. The most positive feedback on Anastrozol is left by professional bodybuilders. They believe that the drug copes well with increased production of estrogens, which is observed after a long course of taking anabolic steroids. However, use the drug with great care: before you start taking, you need to consult a doctor. In addition, it is important to follow exactly the recommended dosage of Anastrozole.

Contra-indications and limitations to use

Hypersensitivity, joint treatment with drugs that contain estrogens, or tamoxifen, the period of premenopause; severe renal failure (when creatinine clearance is less than 20 ml / min), liver failure (efficacy and safety have not been established), breast-feeding, pregnancy. Limit the intake of anastrozole in hypercholesterolemia, osteoporosis, ischemic heart disease.