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Cabergoline (Cabaser)

Cabergoline, a dopaminergic agent that stimulates the dopamine receptors of the pituitary gland, has a prolonged inhibition of prolactin production. Also, cabergoline is used in therapy with a greatly increased level of prolactin, a broken menstrual cycle, infertility, impotence and low libido.

From the history

Developed cabergoline in the 1980s. They produce kabergolin in America and in many other countries, it is known all over the world under the name Dostineks. In 2006, the FDA approved the sale of several more universal versions, in this list were the preparations of the concerns of Barr, Ivax and Par Pharm. Kabergolin is very famous on the market all over the world, it can be purchased more than in thirty states. Note that Dostinex remains the leader in most markets.

Pharmachologic effect

Cabergoline – is a derivative of ergoline, it has a pronounced prolactin-lowering effect. Prolactin contained in the blood decreases already three hours after the use of cabergoline and is kept normal for 28 days in people who do not have any diseases and in patients with hyperprolactinaemia. From 14-21 days the women stay after the delivery. The effect with a decrease in prolactin, is dependent on the dosage used.

Similarly, cabergoline reduces blood pressure. After a single use of cabergoline, the best pressure-reducing effect occurs in the first six hours and is dependent on the dosage taken.

Properties of cabergoline

Cabergoline is very effective in inhibiting prolactin. When taking kabergolina by females, it has very great physiological properties, this is evident in the course of pregnancy, it helps in the production of milk.

Often, from athletes who use steroids, you can hear about the high level of prolactin. As far as everyone knows, estrogens are stimulants, and it is likely that this is the main component in the growth of prolactin production in males. In some experiments, note the overwhelming effect of other hormones in relation to prolactin and androgens. Perhaps, that is why the actual hormonal imbalance, and not only the high content of estrogen, is the cause of gynecomastia. An experiment was conducted in which they studied how testosterones (enantant and propionate) affect male sex, and it turned out that a strong increase in prolactin level appeared on the fourth day after injections.

Prolactin, the nature of the effect on the body

The hormone rises from the use of pharmaceuticals. Its high concentration carries many unpleasant symptoms. It is a substance of a protein nature, a polypeptide. The form, the structure resembles somatotropin (growth hormone), includes almost 200 amino acids. It has a negative impact on some functions and systems: reduces the level of sexual desire impairs potency causes excessive water retention increases the risk of gynecomastia development. It suppresses negative secretion, reduces pressure, strengthens potency, reduces the amount of recovery time between sexual acts, and strong physical activity. Most of all the hormone changes the work of the mammary gland (it contributes to the production of milk in pregnant women), it is produced by the kidneys, the liver. Scientists do not know the full spectrum of the effect of the substance. Excessive number of male athletes provokes many negative consequences. The very condition of a person can change the level of the hormone: dopamine is produced in a happy person (suppresses secretion), estrogen – depressive (stimulates it).

Use in bodybuilding

1. During the course of the deck and exercise for the prevention of sex tablets (0.25 mg) 1 time per week.

2. If the same side effects from prolactin are already fully manifest (for example, there was a gynecomastia), then take on the floor of the pill every 4 days, until the spasms subsided, and then go into the supportive regime, the one indicated above.

3. On the pct. If prolactin is high, your testosterone will not start to recover, so you need to take tests after the course and check its level, if it is increased, then take a pill every 4 days for a month.