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Methandienone oral (Dianabol)


The combination of excellent results and easy application of dianabol has made it the most widely used steroid in the world. Moreover, “dianabol” is so powerful that it is often compared by anabolic properties with Anadrol and Testosterone. In fact, methandrostenolone is a type of testosterone with some minor changes in the chemical structure. These changes are designed to make this version of testosterone more resistant to destruction in the liver (17 alpha-alkylation-17aa) and to reduce the aromatization process through an additional carbon ligament in order to make this steroid less estrogenic. Nevertheless, despite the fact that the decrease in the aromatization of testosterone was one of the main tasks in the creation of dianabol, it turned out to be even more estrogenic. Therefore, because of the water retention, the relief of the muscles can be lost. Inflammation, and other estrogenic manifestations should be controlled by such auxiliary drugs as Nolvadex, Proviron, and Arimidex.

Form of production and compatibility

The drug is intended for oral administration and is available in tablet form in the following dosages: 5, 10, 50 mg. To increase the anabolic effect, dianabol can be used with other steroids, such as testosterone, primobolan, nadrolone, trenbolone. Almost all injectable steroids go well with the drug “Dianabol”. However, it should be understood that with an increase in the dosage of the injectable anabolic, the effect of dianabol is significantly reduced. For example, when using testosterone in a dosage of 500 mg, dianabol at times increases the effectiveness of the injectable anabolic, and at an increase to 1000 mg – only to a small extent. When the concentration of 2000 mg of anabolic steroid is reached, the effect of using dianabol becomes invisible at all. As has been shown by many years of experience of athletes, the use of anabolic in high concentrations does not make sense. Dosage of the drug over the recommended (30 mg) gives the same result as the maximum allowed. Also, do not use combinations of similar drugs (dianabol and anapolon), since the effects are not stacked. The best results in the collection of muscle mass and increase in strength showed combinations of dianabol with injectable anabolics.

Effect of the drug

Dianabol is designed to rapidly build muscle mass and increase strength. Also, “Dianabol” contributes to increased appetite, a slight burning of fat deposits, a reduction in pain in the bones and joints. Due to this drug, calcium and other microelements are retained in the body, which positively affects the condition of bone and muscle tissues. Hereditary blood and blood supply also improves the flow of blood to muscles and other organs, which significantly increases the effectiveness of training. Thanks to anti-catabolic action, a temporary blockage of cortisol receptors occurs, which leads to the preservation of muscle mass. Combinations of dianabol and regimens The daily dose is 30 mg. The initial dose is 10 mg. The effect of the drug is 6-8 hours. The duration of the presence of dianabol in the blood is 8 weeks. The recommended course of the drug is 6 weeks. The rest period after the use of dianabol should be twice as long as the main course. The drug is taken 3-4 times a day with meals or half an hour after. For beginners, heavy weight athletes are recommended to use dianabol without adding other drugs. The initial dosage is 10 mg, with an increase to 30 mg. The course of admission is six weeks. During single use after the third week, it is recommended to add drugs that prevent anabolic fragrance.

Side effects

Most side effects of dianabol are associated with estrogen. Problems such as bloating, high blood pressure, gynecomastia, and headaches are common during the course of the nebrol. Therefore, if you are predisposed to gynecomastia, you must be very careful with dianabol, and may even give preference to anavar. With other manifestations of estrogen, you can cope with taking medications such as Arimidex and Nolvadex. Also, auxiliary supplements for the liver will be needed, since dianabol is 17aa steroid, and accordingly, it is very hepatotoxic. Long courses of taking dianabol can be very harmful to the liver, and can even lead to jaundice. Therefore, the course should not last more than 6 weeks, and during this time it is recommended to check the liver regularly. N2Guard and Cardarin may well cope with liver protection during the reception of methandrostenolone. Some bodybuilders talk about problems with the kidneys, and the blood flow when they take dibol. However, these statements do not have scientific confirmation. In any case, the N2Guard supplement for the liver can easily cope with possible kidney problems, since this drug is intended for general protection of vital organs. In general, dianabol has very significant side effects, which are very quickly manifested. Nevertheless, many bodybuilders are ready to get used to these side effects in return for the strong anabolic qualities of methandrostenolone.