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Stanozolol oral (Winstrol)

Winstrol is an anabolic steroid, the active ingredient of which is stanozolol. For the first time it was used in big sport in 1984. Reception provides a noticeable increase and a clearly delineated relief of muscle mass. The most effective is injecting. The main difference from steroids with a similar active substance is that stanozolol is not dissolved in oil, but in water, as a result of which it is absorbed more quickly. The main area of ​​application is bodybuilding and the period of preparation for competitions.


For most athletes who use this drug, the tablets lose their effects by injection. Most likely, the reason for this is the high cost of the means and the fact that the athletes take the pills, possibly in insufficient quantities. So, injection Winstrol Depot is prescribed in a dosage of fifty milligrams per day or at least the same amount every other day. Compared with the daily dose of tablets, this is much more, and therefore more impressive in action. Oral preparation is simply ideal for women engaged in bodybuilding, because they need a daily dose of Stanozolol much less – enough from ten to sixteen milligrams a day. Therefore, the daily dosage is reduced to an amount of five to eight tablets. Due to this, the liver and GIT do not suffer from the action of the medicine. In addition, it is very convenient that the dosage for women can be divided into several doses evenly per day. So, it becomes possible to minimize androgen-conditioned side effects – virilization. And the level of androgens in the blood does not increase significantly, which can not be said about the doses of fifty milligrams in injections. Thanks to an effective chemical substance called Stanozolol, many athletes want to buy Vinistrol, because such tablets provide athletes with quick and impressive results. Depending on the manufacturer, the tablets are available in different packages. But this does not deprive the drug of its positive properties. You can buy the product in specialized stores.

How to use

The short half-life of stanozolol has a direct effect on how to take the drug. Winstrol in a dosage of 50 mg should be administered at least twice a week, and best of all every day. With sports dieting, vinstrol should be taken with one of the variants of trenbolone, since it has a small androgenic effect on the body. One of the most successful combinations of steroids is 50 mg per day of Winstrol and 30 mg per day of trenbolone acetate.

Effects of the Winstrol cycle and methane

You will be able to experience the effects of the Winstrol cycle and methane already in the first day after its start. Here are the main effects of this cycle:

  • Weekly, your muscle mass will increase by at least one kilo.
  • About a quarter increase in physical characteristics.
  • Sharply increase the exchange of all substances in the body.
  • The production of protein compounds will increase.
  • Microdamages of muscle tissues after training will be eliminated by the body more quickly.
  • Motivation will increase dramatically.
  • The quality of tissue nutrition will increase.

We can recommend the use of methane produced by Balkan Pharma. This manufacturer enjoys the special love of a large number of domestic bodybuilders. Stanozolol will significantly slow down the rate of aromatization processes, which will reduce the amount of water held in the body. During the cycle, you will gain at least six kilos, and the rollback will be very insignificant. Many athletes successfully use this cycle to gain weight and improve physical performance. Throughout the cycle, you will see constant progress, which will not slow down after the course is completed. Anabolic background will reach the limit values, and muscles will become stronger. This is a very effective and safe cycle, which became possible due to an excellent combination of drugs.

Reviews of the Winstrol cycle and methane

Now in the network you can find a huge amount of feedback on this course. All the athletes agree that, with all the recommendations, the cycle will be very effective and at the same time safe. In this case, excellent results can be obtained even with the use of medium dosages. It is also very important to use only original drugs. The joint cycle of Winstrol and Methane can be the first serious step for you to big muscles. The drugs provide a synergistic effect, which dramatically increases the overall effectiveness of the cycle. Although this cycle is very effective, it is completely safe for the body, even in spite of the fact that two tableted anabolics are used. You are guaranteed to not see side effects when using the recommended doses.