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Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone cypionate is very similar in its action with Testosterone enanthate. Differences of these drugs are insignificant: cypionate is quickly included in the work, and it accumulates a little more water. Both these forms of testosterone are long-acting drugs. Cypionate gives a significant increase in muscle mass and strength.

Steroid profile Testosterone cypionate

  • Activity of the substance: 15 to 16 days
  • Classification: Anabolic / Androgenic steroid
  • Method of use: injection
  • Dosages: Men – from 250/1000 mg / week (Women are not recommended)
  • Acne: Yes (in large doses or in people with a predisposition)
  • Water retention: High
  • High blood pressure: Yes
  • Hepatotoxicity: Medium
  • Aromatase: high

The positive qualities and effects of Testosterone Cypionate

We have already noted that testosterone cypionate can be an excellent basis for your mass-gathering course. For drying, the steroid is not advisable, since it causes a significant fluid retention in the body. At the same time, this fact positively affects the work of joints.

The drug contributes not only to the collection of mass, but also has a number of other positive properties. To, for example, under the influence of this anabolic your power parameters will sharply go uphill. Promotes cypionate and stamina, as the rate of erythrocyte synthesis increases dramatically, which leads to an improvement in the quality of oxygen supply of tissues.

Of the pluses is that this testosterone has a strong androgenic effect on the body, performing a set of muscle mass and strength. Quickly begins to act, after taking.

Of the minuses is that it contains aromatics and is converted into estrogens, slightly toxic to the liver, delays a lot of water in the body. Heavy losses of weight and strength after the end of steroid techniques, but he likes athletes and he is popular. It is very difficult to get it because it produces a current in the US, in Europe it produces a current one country Spain. Reduces its own production of testosterone.

Testosteron Cypionate is used to gain muscle mass, to increase strength, the drug delays water, by retaining fluid in the body, protecting connective tissues, increasing elasticity, thereby reducing the risk of injury under weight. The drug is popular with weightlifters, security officials, etc. Testosterone Cypionate is practically the same as Testosterone Enanthate, its half-life is 6-8 days. The drug has a strong effect on the regeneration processes, increases the training tone, a surge of energy, accelerates the recovery period. Cypionate has a high androgenic – anabolic effect, and this provides a significant increase in strength and weight, as it increases libido.

Testosterone cypionate is usually used to gain muscle mass, although it can be used, like testosterone propionate, and during the “drying” period, but with many reservations. Like testosterone propionate, cypionate has a number of drawbacks when it comes to using it as a “massonaborny” drug. This is a high cost and a fairly low concentration of the active substance in solution, not exceeding usually 125 mg / ml. Above, of course, than the majority of drugs contained as active substance testosterone propionate

How to use Testosterone Cypionate?

Testosterone cypionate has a long action on the body, it lasts for two weeks. Effective dose of Testosterone Cypionate 200-600 mg. in a week, usually practicing athletes work it once a week. Higher doses of testosterone are usually not required. Testosterone cypionate is well combined with Methandiene, Nandrolone, Parabolan, Stanabol, Winstrol.