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Testosterone propionate

Testosterone propionate is an anabolic drug that has a huge prevalence in almost all sports associated with the demonstration of the speed and strength of a person. And, of course, like any other testosterone ester – this drug is especially loved by almost all bodybuilders and is widely used in this sport. Testosterone is attractive to athletes primarily due to minor side effects, as well as unlimited flexibility in the application. In short, the drug can be used in any phase of preparation, whether it is “drying”, mass gain, or even at all – preparing for a race or a boxing match. Most often, it is used during the preparation for the performance (on drying), as it perfectly copes with the preservation of the athlete’s muscle mass.

Effect from reception:

  1. Burning fat
  2. Muscle growth and muscle relief
  3. Growth of strength indicators
  4. increased libido
  5. Reducing the risk of CHD


Injections of propionate should be performed every other day. With a properly selected dosage, fluid retention in the body can be avoided.

The best effect is achieved when combined with other drugs.

Beginners can be recommended to start taking testosterone propionate with 50 grams every other day. For experienced athletes, the dosage is from 100 mg per day and up.

An excellent course for dry weight during the drying period is stanozolol – testosterone propionate.

The course can be compiled as follows: 50 mg propionate every other day, 30 mg vinstrola a day, after 4-5 weeks gradually (for 3-7 days) cancel vinstrol, then propionate for 1-2 weeks.

Side effects

The most common side effects of testosterone propionate are: irritation, pain at the injection site, gynecomastia, the appearance of acne, alopecia and increased growth of hair on the body, masculinization, enlargement of the prostate (especially in old age).

Women from the reception is better to refuse because of its high androgenic activity.

Cycle of application of Testosterone Propionate

For sports purposes this drug is used mainly by men. The application is usually carried out with courses in order to obtain high quality muscle mass, increase endurance and increase strength.

Women use Testosterone Propionate, if carried out (which almost does not happen), then only in minimal dosages to avoid consequences. The fact that athletes who have decided to use this steroid, can disturb the side effects of virilization – it’s hair, an increase in the tone of the voice, changing the shape of the body.

Men in turn can conduct the course Testosterone Propionate 100 with considerable benefit for themselves, developing a physical form and generally improving the athletic performance. Doses of the drug, recommended for athletes, is 100-200 mg every other day, or every three days. Note that this frequency of use is due to the period of steroid activity (about 2 days).

Course Testosterone Propionate in the vast majority of cases is carried out in conjunction with other drugs AAS. With what steroids should it be combined? There is no single answer to this question, because the choice of combination for admission is determined not only by the athlete’s predispositions, but also by factors such as the level of training or finance that you can spend on steroids.

Course Testosterone Propionate + Steroid stanozolol can be chosen by athletes who want to get quality muscle and get rid of excess fat. This is a great combination, which has long been in demand. Of other popular courses, you can recall a combination with turinabol, methandienone, nandrolone phenylpropionate or trenbolone acetate. All these are excellent “combos” that can give the best results depending on the tasks assigned.