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Turinabol (4-Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone)

Turinabol – a series of steroid preparations under different brands. Turinabol was developed in the distant sixties by scientists from the GDR. Originally used exclusively by athletes, however, later the entire Olympic team of East Germany began to apply Turinabol. As a result, athletes celebrated the first place in the team event at the Olympics in Munich. It should be noted that it is a combined version of oxandrolone and methandrostenolone, while the water retention in the body is minimized.


A distinctive feature of Turinabol is a qualitative, but not quantitative, growth of muscles. Simply put, if you want to become literally titanium in the shortest possible time – this is not the anabolic. Turinabol and all its derivatives work slowly, but qualitatively. The intake of this steroid does not accompany the watery muscles inherent in the same “methane”. The drug is absolutely not aromatized. Yes, this avoids many unpleasant side effects, but rapid muscle growth simply does not work. That is why the drug is often used in the inter-competitive period, when there is time to work on the quality of the muscles, over the relief. Separately it is worth mentioning the trademarks of this drug. Turinabol is found under the following names: Turanabol, Turamot, Turanabolos, Turinover. There is no fundamental difference between them, in fact, it is the same steroid manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. Accordingly, to buy steroids with this active substance does not cause problems at all.

The main positive properties:

• qualitative growth of muscles;

• improvement of strength indicators;

• Increased stamina;

• decrease in the level of globulin;

• reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

The positive qualities of turinabol

Turinabol has several positive effects. First, he does not cry for water retention in the cells. This prevents a set of “empty” masses. The results are more qualitative and with time the typed muscles do not disappear. Also, during the reception of turinabol, there is no increased stress on the heart.

Secondly, the delayed effect. Due to the fact that the construction of muscle fibers is slow, the mass is retained much longer. The same with the relief – it manifests itself after a while, but remains after the drug is discontinued.

Thirdly, the drug has no side effects associated with the accumulation of estrogen and aromatization. This means that the drug does not require serious post-course therapy. This happens because the substance methyltestosterone is present in the composition of turinabol. It does not inhibit the production of endogenous testosterone.

Fourth, turinabol beneficially affects the cardiovascular system, reduces the risk of thrombosis.

Effects of turinabol

Turinabol is characterized by increased anabolic activity and a good anabolic index. Androgenic activity is expressed as medium (compared with testosterone, this figure is lower by half).

The main effects of turinabol:

● Increase the effectiveness of strength training. Increases the strengths without causing an undesirable hydration effect.

● Increases stamina and speed. Therefore, Turinabol is often used in athletics for achieving high results.

● Effectively increases the quality of muscle mass. The increase in mass is not as great as, for example, methane, but after the drug is withdrawn, there is no recoil.

● Improves blood composition, increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. As a consequence: provides better nutrition to tissues.

PCT after the course of Turinabol

After the course of Turinabol PCT (after course therapy) is recommended, but in practice this situation is different. To a greater extent, it depends on the course itself, the duration and the number of tablets. If a novice buys only one bundle of 100 tab., Then, as a rule, he does not take the PCT. At this amount of the drug, you can do without unnecessary waste of money and the consequences will not be. But, there are athletes who are very afraid of anabolic steroids and they are prone to insecurity. After the course of Turinabol PCT, you can use Clomid, or Tamoxifen. They are used after the course, to restore the production of their own testosterone. Typically, PCT begins after the course in about 7 to 10 days and is taken 1 tablet each. every day for 20 days.

Regardless of the total length of your course, maybe it’s 4 weeks, or 8 weeks, suppression of your own testosterone will always be. It is advisable to pay attention to Tribulus, it is perfectly suited for short cycles. In order not to buy Clomid, or Tamoxifen, just one Tribulus can suffice. It perfectly promotes the regeneration of its own testosterone and increases its overall production. Even after long courses, it is recommended, together with PKT, to take boosters Tribulus, for the full restoration of the hormonal system.