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Oxydrolone is one of the most powerful oral agents. Steroid is not inclined to convert to estrogen, but has an estrogen effect itself. Duration of the drug – 15 hours, discovery time during medication – up to two months. Oxymethololone suitable for use during the preparation period, but professional athletes, due to possible non-competitive tests, the use of steroids is necessary at your own risk.

How to take drug

Oxydrolone is used to gain muscle mass. The recommended duration to take steroids is 4 to 6 weeks, at a dose of about 100 mg per day. Based on the change in hormonal effects that occur as a result of the administration of Oxydrolone, it is best to divide daily doses into two or even three doses. Increasing doses of more than 100 milligrams do not result in bulking for ectomorphs significant improvements in the results, but at the same time increase the chance of side effects. If you are trying this medicine for the first time, it is advisable to limit your dose to 50 milligrams. After the course is completed PCT performed, the main goal is to own the recovery of testosterone secretion. Testosterone booster or Tribulus will be able to handle this task. The use of oxydrolone in combination courses includes combinations of muscle mass active compounds of Oxandrolone with trenbolone and Primobolan. To increase the strength, you can use Testosterone and Stanozololol. It is not about exaggerating with the dose. Stanozolol in combination with oxymetholone – fully injured “duet”, which can lead to injury (eg damage or breakage of ligaments).